Saturday, August 25, 2007

Painting to sell

Tim Reeder, a real-estate agent who specializes in old homes, gave this advice on painting to sell a home:

Bland neutrals scream "investment property" to home shoppers. People who like old homes want something different, not cookie cutter.

Pottery Barn has an online index of the paint used on each page of its catalog. Pioneer Paint, the local Benjamin Moore store (map), carries their collection (That's the Fall '07 selection on the right).

More painting tips:

* A professional painter tells me Benjamin Moore's Impervo oil paint is the best on the market and ideal for woodwork.

* Got a painting project that will take days?
- Put brushes and rollers in plastic bags.
- Store the ones used with latex paint in the fridge and oil ones in the freezer.
- Let them warm up a few minutes before your next day's work.

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