Friday, August 31, 2007

Roll the tape

I have made it a habit to shadow the home inspector during an inspection. I seem to learn a lot about a house that way.

I was checking out the basement with inspector Mark Byrd when I noticed this on the left.
A crack in the foundation had been patched.

With masking tape.

Why, that's not masking tape, the inspector told me.

That's single-ply foundation sealant, he said with a laugh.

There was more tape to come.

Single-ply window draft sealant.

My fave:

Single-ply patching plaster.

Aunt June's relative was a railroad electrician and rewired the house years ago.

He busted holes in the walls to put in new Romex, then someone repaired with kraft paper and masking tape. I mean, single-ply ...

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