Sunday, September 2, 2007

Getting plastered

So I was thinking to myself, I don't look too bad in my work clothes. I could run to Lowe's for another half-price rhododendron and pick up a gallon of vinegar at the grocery store.

I thought I'd do one more round of plaster patching beforehand, so I moved the ladder.


The plastic container managed to scrape my leg twice between knee and ankle on the way down. No skirts for me this week.

Other lessons learned over the years:

Do not stand on a cooler with wheels to install pipe wrap on pipes that are juuuust out of reach.

Beware that rollup shades installed on porches may contain copious amounts of bird droppings, which will inevitably be released while you are five feet up on a ladder.

Do not crush homemade toffee with a quart of paint.

Do not ask Boyfriend to remove shoe molding ("hey, do you have any wood glue?"), clean the alley retaining wall (goodbye, forsythias, I will miss you), etc. etc.

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