Sunday, September 16, 2007

Building back up

All of the main floor ceilings had that foot-square vintage acoustic tile common in old homes.

It had a embossed needlepoint-style pattern with a subtle cream and white color combo that made them look dirtier than they were.

I debated what to do. Paint? Remove?

If I took them down, what would I find?

Original on left; with a coat of paint on right

I took them down in the kitchen and entry, where the tiles had slight stains.

The ceiling plaster was cracked a little, but not bad. Some had old wallpaper.

I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to go for the whole main floor. Estimated cost: around $1,000.

My boyfriend and my friend Laura spent Thursday night ripping out the rest and pulling what felt like roughly 7,000 staples from the furring strips.

Above: Dining room on Thursday

The transformation has begun.

The contractor spent Friday and Saturday getting the drywall up.

He's ready to start mudding.

Left: Dining room on Saturday

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