Sunday, September 16, 2007

Delivered goods

For some reason, I never knew that Menards would deliver. Makes perfect sense. Never crossed my mind.

For $45, they delivered a stack of 4x12-foot drywall, 10-foot boards and cement board (it's like cement-based drywall, you use it behind tile in wet areas to avoid rot, mold, etc. It's heavy. You want a dude with a forklift to bring it to your house.)

I was delighted when I could add another eight sheets of drywall by phone the day before delivery.

Then I was bummed. Three drywall sheets were cracked, a board had ill-placed knots, and they forgot the addition to the order.

I groaned, in anticipation of the hassle to fix this.

But with a five-minute phone call, Menards apologized and offered to have the replacements delivered the next morning. Slick.

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Vallerie said...

Good for people to know.