Sunday, September 9, 2007

Holy hostas!

The flower bed along the front porch was jam-packed with hostas that had not been split in decades.

These were plain green, growing as thick as grass and hung over the sidewalk.

I moved 20 to the back yard, let my friend Jenni pilfer a few and I STILL had 45 separate plants.

Before: 45 of the 70+ hostas

I'll admit, I'm a hosta snob.

I took splits of a few unusual varieties from my yard and put a light-and-day hydrangrea in the center.

They look a little spindly now, but they'll fatten over the winter like a Fargo farmwife.

I found these cute little vintage -- I have no idea what these are called.

There were two under the front porch. I repainted them and used them to frame the front flower bed.

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