Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Made in the shade

The fence along the back lot line was held together by Virginia creeper vines.

After fence removal

The new view from my backyard

I explained my situation to the guys from Omaha Tree:

I just bought this house, I live next door, here's whatcha gonna do:

You trim this tree in the flip yard based on how it affects the view from my back yard. (oh, yeah, and get the branches out of the electrical lines, too)


The grass under the tree looked like a failed Rogaine experiment, just a few scrawny tufts, so I've started a shade garden. Here's what I found for part shade plants beyond the usual hostas (big bargains at Lowe's and Menards garden centers now):

Rhododenron, Summersweet: Tall-growing bushes to screen the back alley eventually

(I've got a weigela and forsythia bush on the sunny corner on the right, you know, next to the 1962 washing machine waiting for pick up.)

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