Thursday, September 20, 2007

Renovation story problems

If your bathroom floor needs 25 square feet of 3/4x3/4-inch tile, which comes in one-square-foot sheets, and you want to add a grey stripe around the perimeter of the floor, but the grey tile comes in quarter-square-foot sheets ... what time will the two trains meet?

(Thanks for the punch line, Mark.)

I wanted to do something with a historic influence with the bathroom tile. Historic tile article

A scorching sale on hex tile at Mosaic Tile Market's web site sold out faster than I moved, but I got sheets of tiny square tile instead for less than $4 a square foot, including shipping. (I just found out why while trying to post the link: That company closed and has become Mod Walls.)

The contractor breathed a sigh of relief -- the square tile is an easier install than slicing through all those hexes. Good to know.

Mosaic Supply sells small amounts, intended for artists but great for dinky bathrooms and accent pieces. I bought the tile for the stripe there.

Lowe's carries white subway tile for 19 cents a piece. That will go in the shower. It may take you three trips to two stores over a week to get enough, but ...

Tip: If you have a popular style that you might want to buy later, get the product number and call the flooring department before making your trip.

Want the spendy historically accurate stuff?

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