Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The walls came tumbling down

The house, built in 1903, still had a coal room in the basement, dating back to the days when coal was stored for the old furnace. That's the coal room on the left, with retro patio stuff on the floor.

The floor was covered with a layer of junk, a layer of cardboard, two layers of loose wood scraps, then lo and behold, a dirt floor. Of course, covered in thousands of tiny coal shards. (Yes, I wear a respirator mask.)

The walls were lined with such fine insulating material as an old "wife-beater" tank top, a plastic tablecloth, 1952 Omaha World-Herald newspapers, a peach crate, old beadboard and more.

It came apart in about an hour or so, with a pry bar and hammer. Above are the scraps in the back yard. Empty at last. Now to get a hold of a concrete guy ...

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