Sunday, October 7, 2007

Creepy-awesome toilet tip

How is this for bizarre ... I'm sitting in the stripped-down kitchen of a vacant house, under the harsh glare of work lights, scrubbing an unhooked toilet with denture cleaner.

But let me start at the beginning ...

The toilet is a relatively newer model (well, for a 100-year-old house), but had a few rust stains. I consulted my friend Val, who cleans houses on the side. She said:


Browsing the denture products, I found a Sea-Bond Denture Brightening Cleanser, which came in a bottle with little brush on the lid rather than a tablet to soak.

It's pink gel?

I am going to let this one stand uncaptioned.


The stains are gone! In 30 seconds! (although somehow I managed to mess up the lighting enough that the toilet looks yellow in the picture. Take my word for it.)

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