Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday night flipping fever

The Saturday slate of "flip this house" shows has become a well-timed ego boost.

Inevitably, I've spent my day sanding plaster or driving to every home-improvement store in the metro.

Then I get to watch these fools.

In last night's episodes:
  • One flip had roaches, termites, rats, ants and a snake. In one house.
  • In arguably the best flipping videotape to date, a crew cutting down a tree uncaps an enormous hive of Africanized bees that attack the poor dude in the cherry picker, then chases the crew all the way down the street to their trucks.
  • A newlywed couple blows through $55,000 of their $60,000 budget in the first week before leaving for a two-week honeymoon in Italy.
  • First-time flippers were 50 to 300 percent over budget.
I, however, am within budget. My flip has one slender snake who may have an upcoming date with a weed-whacker. Feeling pretty good right now ...

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