Friday, November 2, 2007

Medicine cabinet glory

Sometimes you have to do what's right, not the cheapest. Perhaps that's not a good flipping mantra, but ....

In the piles of stuff left in the old house, I found what appeared to be the original medicine cabinet door. The rest of it was long gone.

My contractor built a cabinet to fit the door and the recess in the bathroom wall. It looks like something out of the Rejuvenation catalog.

I had the old beveled mirror resilvered (not installed in photo above), a dying trade still offered in Omaha. Resilvering a 16x20 mirror cost $62 -- a new one would have cost about $75.

Wooden Ways & Olden Days
2823 S 87th St, Omaha (402) 393-2607
mirror resilvering, caning, furniture repair

Now I could have just gotten a stock cabinet at a big box store for $100 or so.

All told, I spent about $150. Well worth it.

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