Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Need rock?

Lowe's is having a super sale on 1/2 cubic foot bags of gray rock -- 58 cents a bag, down from nearly $3. One bag covers three square feet.

I'm using it for a bulb garden along the south side of the house.

Now this is one of those things I didn't have to do.

There is a one-foot-wide flower bed between the house and sidewalk (see above).

To me, the dark lava rock looked tacky against the white foundation. Nothing but weeds were growing there.

I worried that some perennials would crowd the sidewalk. Instead, I planted clusters of daffodil, tulip and crocus bulbs, which bloom at different times in the spring and early summer. They have a tight growth pattern and will spread naturally over the years.

Altogether, it was an afternoon of work and about $25.

This also happens to be my view from the window over my kitchen sink. Perhaps my motives were not entirely pure.

Web sites:
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