Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One more piece

The countertops have arrived!

Again, this was an area where I felt much more comfortable using a local company than a big-box store. The kitchen has a wall that jogs over twice (like you could put a Murphy bed in the center), making the floor plan unusual.

Ahleeya at CFO knew exactly what I needed from my kitchen plan and measurements. The dude at Menards just kind of stared at me.

CFO orders the countertop materials, then their on-site carpentry staff makes the custom cuts.

In an old house, nothing is quite square. CFO called to double-check the measurements because "they didn't add up." 26 inches+100 years=an unplumb wall

The countertop design allows for some forgiveness because it does not have an attached backsplash. The tiled backsplash will protrude about 3/4" over the countertop, so the countertop will not have to be perfectly flush against the wall.

In other kitchen progress, the electrician is adding kitchen outlets this week. Somehow, "Aunt June" managed with one four-outlet pod almost in the corner.

Then Blair the contractor will return to finish putting the kitchen together.


Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty. What material are they?


littleitalygem said...

They are plain old laminate.

Terra Roca by Wilson Art