Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Architectural salvage

If you're going digging for treasures, bring:
  • The measurements for what you need. At the beginning of my flip, I put a list of items I was searching for (bathroom sink/vanity, duct grates) and the dimensions in the "flip notebook" I carry in my purse.
  • Digital camera. Bring photos of what you're trying to match or snap ones of your finds.
  • Notepad to jot down measurements of what you find or prices for comparison shopping.
  • Tape measurer. I now keep a keychain-size one in my purse.
Best deals:
Joe's Collectibles
1125 Jackson St (entrance from alley)
(402) 612-1543
Overall: Flea-market style antique store
Salvage items: Old card catalog cabinet full of miscellaneous hardware near the counter; doors; salvaged lumber; and other miscellany.
My buys: Three bed slats to hold box springs for $1 each; bead-chain glass shade for $14.

Second Chance Antiques
1116 Jackson St (across the street from Joe's)
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 346-4930
Overall: Antique store with a whiff of snobbery
Salvage items: Organized selection of hardware near the cash register and miscellaneous salvaged wood in the back.
My buys: A half dozen yellow pine, tongue-and-groove floor boards that perfectly matched the upstairs floors of my house for $10. Granted, they had a coat of prison gray paint, but nothing a belt sander couldn't resolve.

Best selection:
A&R Salvage
(warning: its web page looks like a work in progress:
The entry for architectural masonry says:
"A tangy and fruity accompaniment to any meal. The extra hot one means extra pain!" Seriously. )
2820 Vinton Street
Omaha, NE 68105
(402) 346-4470
Overall: A true salvage yard -- this place is an unheated building and open-air salvage yard. Dress for the weather.
Salvage: Stained glass windows, doors, storm windows, old tubs and sinks, woodwork, hardware, duct grates, brick pavers, the tangy fruity architectural masonry and way way more.
My buys: Prices reflect their niche market.
Two yellow pine door casings to finish the above-mentioned floor patching were $14 a board! But if you need something to match, you'll pay.

D & B Metal Polishing & Antiques
6571 Maple Street
Omaha, NE 68104
Overall: Two roomsful of lighting that look like inspiration for Rejuvenation's copies.
Buy an antique fixture as is or pay to have it rehabbed and the metal replated to your taste.
Salvage: Exclusively antique lighting, glass shades and hardware
My buys: Nothing, but it's fun to look. The bead-chain shade I bought at Joe's would sell for $28 here.

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