Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Back in action

A couple of extra projects at my real job sucked up my free time and set me behind on the flip. I had only a few days in the last two months to work on the house.

Now I've got two weeks off of work to play catchup.

I kicked it off today by painting, an easy way to give the illusion of serious progress. Then I capped it off by looking at old pictures to make me feel like I'm getting ahead.

Dining room, as purchased

June 2007

Dining room, after ceiling tile removal

September 2007

Dining room, patched and primed
October 2007

Dining room


The dining and living room paint, two gallons of Sherwin-Williams Callahan Taupe, was at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore for $5 a gallon.

The back room, which can be a bedroom, is a pale butterscotch color.

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