Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beeswax metal polish

This Old House suggests sealing metal hardware by rubbing it down with beeswax. Needless to say, Menards did not have it in stock.

You have to carefully target your online search to find this. There are a kazillion hits for beeswax polish, a liquid polish for furniture.

Somewhere I stumbled across a blog talking about purchasing beeswax at craft stores.

Michael's sells it around $15 a pound for candlemaking.

A pound? Christ, I couldn't need a pound of this stuff, and I'm not going to take up candlemaking. (seriously, who the hell makes their own candles?)

A few more searches landed me at Draper's Super Bee Apiaries, which sells beeswax in smaller increments and lists the many uses as "Easter Egg decorating, sculpting, lubricating of thread and nails, waxing bowstrings, coating on waffle irons, and many, many other craft uses." Who knew.

I finally landed on a site that will be helpful in other ways: Kilian Hardware.

It's an old-fashioned hardware store with great old house stuff like sash cords, weights and pulleys; mortar made for old brickwork; glass door knobs; and lots more.

And quarter pound blocks of beeswax.

UPDATE: A half pound of beeswax plus shipping is $11. Or you can snag a pound for $11 at Hobby Lobby. I guess I'll be making a small candle when I'm done.

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