Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drywalled hall

This was the upstairs hallway, connected to the staircase.

A little water damage, a little plaster damage - the usual.

I got this far when Mike from Xcel Roofing and Gutters (402-345-9235) took a walkthrough when he came to fix gutters on my house. He'd done a minor roof repair on the flip last fall.

He took one look at this hallway and told me to go buy some drywall.

You can keep fighting it if you want, he told me. But it's never going to look good.


I hate drywalling.

My first (and only) project was my 5-by5-foot entryway with 12 foot ceilings. Not an ideal area to be maneuvering 8-foot drywall sheets, a ladder or sanding in the summer.

After that miserable experience, I took a drywall class at Metropolitan Community College, which made me a little more confident.

I figured this was a good project to try again.

There were only two items to cut around on this wall: an outlet and the molding over a door frame. An empty master bedroom gave plenty of space for prep work. The house is already construction filthy, so I could sand and sand and sand.

I used self-adhesive mesh tape this time and found it to be SO much easier than paper tape.

And it's looking pretty good.

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