Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finding wires

I've got this incredibly modern light socket in the staircase hall (Don't panic: The black stuff looks like coal dust from the old furnace, not soot from a fire).
The old knob and tube wire shoots out of the plaster like a sprout in a summer garden. I can't see which direction the wire comes from.

I need to shore up that cracked plaster on the left with plaster washers and drywall screws.

But that wire snakes somewhere behind that plaster, which could put me in for a literal shock if I'm not careful. Hmmm ....

A guy on the This Old House discussion boards pointed me to stud sensors with a built-in wire finders: Zircon makes 'em and sells 'em for $20-$50 at Lowe's.

I run it along the ceiling and it will beep when it senses a live wire. Cool.

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