Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home improvement classes

Metropolitan Community College a nice collection of home improvement classes for a reasonable price (typically around $40). Most are a few hours long, some with a hands-on portion.

You learn a bunch of stuff. You can ask a ton of questions. Your teacher might be willing to consult on your project. The tile class included a list of local tile shops and a coupon.

You may conclude you are not suited to tackle certain home projects, but you learn enough to talk intelligently to the contractor you hire.

My conclusions from classes I have taken:
Drywall: No way in hell will I drywall a whole room, but I learned enough to do the hall wall and picked up patching techniques.
Tile: Selecting the proper products on the front end is key. I'll try it sometime (I hired out on the flip because I had more than enough to do).
Lawn care: I'm never going to get around to fertilizing on a schedule. (Hire Forest Green Lawn Care.)

A word of warning: Metro has possibly the crappiest web site I have ever used. It is almost easier to call when you get the MCC schedule flier in the mail.

Here's a few navigation tips if you want to try it online.
Click on: Community Education (Non-Credit) Classes
Select: Home and garden

(The drywall class fills superfast, so register as soon as you get the flier if you want in.)

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