Thursday, January 3, 2008

Paint products that suck

* Kwal paint.
When I saw Kwal paint at Habitat's ReStore, I recognized the name as the brand of polyurethane used by my wood-floor refinisher uses.

Kwal also has a stand-alone store, which led me to think it must be of the quality of Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore.


I used two different types of Kwal paint on primed plaster walls, but both needed two coats.

The 10x11-foot bonus room off the entryway sucked up a whole gallon.

One gallon of Sherwin-Williams paint covered TWO rooms this size, both the living and dining room, in one coat plus a little touchup.

* Bin Zinsser primer.
I sought the advice of the salesperson, and I read the label before purchasing this. This is not ultra cheap stuff.

I will admit, I did not scrub all the walls with TSP as recommended, so maybe that was a fatal error. But I did sand the walls.

The primer has peeled off in some spots, particularly on a wall that had been behind paneling.

Most of the spots are on the interior, load-bearing wall, often over a heating vent, so temperature must be a factor, but ugh.

I'd try another product next time.

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