Thursday, January 3, 2008

Restore Omaha

Yesterday was a big day for my little flip.

It was approved to be on this year's Restore Omaha home tour March 2.

If you own an old home, Restore Omaha is the place to be. The first day, March 1, features workshops for people who own old homes. It's inexpensive, $35, for a wealth of information.

I've heard national and local experts show how to rehab old windows, explain the history of kitchens and figure out the historic paint colors of your home. (this year's schedule)

The exhibitor area features booths for contractors, historic organizations and vendors catering to old home owners.

Lob questions at the "Ask the Expert" booth for advice on what's troubling you. Throughout the day, you'll stumble across other homeowners who have tackled whatever project is vexing you. (previous handouts)

The second day, March 2, is an afternoon of self-guided tours of historic buildings. South Omaha is the featured area of town this year.

My flip is on the tour!

While most people who attend own homes already, I figure they will be able to appreciate the work and hopefully pass the word to potential buyers.

Plus, I get the show off all the work. :)

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