Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stairway to hell

The upstairs is what made me think my flip could be a future meth lab without my intervention.

The roof was replaced around 2000, but the accompanying plaster and wallpaper damage was never repaired.

This dormer over the staircase was a little nauseating.

Some extremely patient, flexible and slightly psychotic soul wallpapered the whole thing in a green and pink plaid, decades, maybe a century, ago.

This was the area of the house I worried about the most, fearing the sagging wallpaper had buckled plaster behind it.

Well, surprise!

The old water damage had loosened the paper. With a sophisticated tool called a "broom," I was able to smack down much of the paper and see the walls weren't that bad after all.

It's a neat floor plan for a one-and-a-half story house, with the staircase tucked to the side on the main floor and the dormer used as head space for staircase.

That layout also puts the ceiling 20 feet above the bottom stair, as you can see from the remaining wallpaper scraps I had left to tackle yesterday.

Fortunately, my friend Laura has let me keep her articulating ladder on permanent loan.

I soaked the wallpaper with water by using a mop. (See: Wallpaper removal tips) I flipped over the mop and scraped with the other side.

I did need to pull a Stretch Armstrong to reach a few spots with my wallpaper scraper. I'm sure OSHA would approve moves such as "stand on ladder on tiptoe."


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