Saturday, January 5, 2008

Primer anguish

This is the "painting from hell" room, the study/bedroom off the dining room.

I had to sand most of the walls after priming because my friend Laura and I were dumb enough to think a paint sprayer was a good thing.

Do not be fooled. It was so exhausting I didn't even write about it at the time.

She borrowed her dad's paint gun, and I loaded a five-gallon bucket of primer onto my childhood wagon for her to pull behind her.

The paint gun spit funny on the upper wall, so she sprayed the lower wall while I rolled the upper. The gun is ridiculously noisy, so it takes all the socialization out of painting.

Then there was a clunking noise followed by a horrible smoke stench.

It turns out that you are only supposed to hold down the spray trigger for some crazily short period of time, like 20 seconds.

Shouldn't this be in larger type in the instruction manual? With a big arrow?

So, apparently, the 45-minute constant spray overwhelmed the little machine and fried out the engine.

The gun had been almost spackling the paint, leaving the walls textured instead of spraying a smooth coat, so I re-sanded the lower portion of the walls.

Now THIS wall is acting up.

This wall initially was covered in paneling, which was held up by both nails and adhesive. So I sanded off stripes of adhesive, patched plaster cracks, then primed.

Now some of the primer has peeled.

So today I sanded the wall AGAIN. My friend Mark suggested a good wipedown before re-painting.

At least the other side of the room looks good.

UPDATE: My problems were solved with a good wipedown of the wall because it had been heavily sanded. I used this method on the walls upstairs that had lots of plaster repair and sanding.

For hard to reach areas such as the staircase ceiling, I used a broom and gave them an aggressive sweeping. I had no problems after that.

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Cousin Rick said...

OH MY GOD. Not THE red wagon, imfamous for dumping certain 5 year old girls??????

The copper is coming out great. I like the crock-pot idea. "Home Improvement done while you sleep!" "And if you order within the next 14 minutes, we'll throw in a set of steak knives absolutely free!!" But wait!!!!