Friday, February 8, 2008

2.5 days ...

... til the wood floor refinishing ...

Stair railing: Old on the left, repainted on the right

(seriously, this looks incredible in person)

As Brit and I tackled another afternoon of woodwork painting, he mentioned he couldn't wait until wood floor sanding and refinishing.

"10 days of vacation," he crowed, apparently thinking we couldn't work on the house while the floors were done.


Silly boy! That's when we retreat to the dungeon to clean and paint the basement!

Oh, yeah, and pour concrete!

What's in store for us

Today's work:

A round of sanding and "mudding" on second upstairs bedroom.

Touchup sanding and painting in stair hall and master bedroom.

Finished woodwork painting in master bedroom (plate rail on wainscoting, shoe molding and - thanks, Brit - doors).

Painted staircase woodwork.

(Yes, I'm exhausted.)

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