Saturday, March 15, 2008

Before/after slideshow

For newcomers, here's the story behind Little Italy gem:

I live next door. My neighbor, a charming little old lady who was in her 90s, passed away.

The house was decent in the areas she used. All the main floor walls were mint green, indicated a 1950s or 1960s-era paint job. The kitchen and bath were updated in the 1980s in a golden yellow and brown scheme (although the kitchen sink remained in a 1950s metal cabinet).

The upstairs had serious plaster damage and hadn't been frequented by humans for years.

The house had been in the Ucen family for 90 years, so each batch of relatives left behind a pile of possessions until the house was entirely full.

I bought the house with the agreement that I finish packing and donate the remaining household goods you see in the pictures. 80 boxes worth plus furniture -- that's after the family filled a dumpster and had sales for four days.

I handled the demo, landscaping, plaster repair and painting myself. See Contractors I like for who I used for the rest.

Six months later, I'm nearly ready to sell -- a little more detail work and basement painting and I'm done! Whew!

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Karen-FlipperWannaBe said...

Hi - Congratulations on your flip ... beautiful home ... you must be very proud! I've recently begun looking for a flippable Omaha property and am definitely encouraged by your courage. Hoping to eventually change careers by moving out from behind a desk. Thanks for sharing your contractor 'likes' list as choosing contractors was high on my anxiety list! Here's to a quick sale that rewards your hard work!!

littleitalygem said...

Thanks for the kind words! It's been an exhausting and gratifying project.

I've been planning to post a summary of the best flipping resources I found. I'll try to do that in the next week in case it helps.