Monday, February 11, 2008

Bottom floor

The evolution of the kitchen floor ...

June 2007, as purchased
I know, it's hard to notice the floor among all that knick knack goodness. Note the puddle of liquid seeping from the fridge. That was fun.
Underneath the fridge

The kitchen had been renovated in the 1970s. The yellow linoleum was laid on top of red, black and white linoleum, which thankfully had been nailed instead of glued to the floor. It came up in minutes.

August 2007

The nailed linoleum matched the above wallpaper, which was unveiled when we removed the 1970s cabinets.

This morning


This is the bare wood floor after sanding today.

There were no serious stains underneath all that floor goo! Lots of nails, which were pulled and the nail holes filled with wood putty, but nothing worse than that. Whew.

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