Friday, February 8, 2008

Electrical mystery

Why were my new pendant lights not working?

About once a month, the circuit breaker tripped for the lights in the living room, dining room and bedroom on the main floor.

Twice it happened when I was showing the house to friends. Not good. Twice I discovered it when I came over at night and no electricity was being used. What the ...?

I told Blair the contractor, so he tested them one afternoon with all lights blaring while running his saw. No problem.

David's Electric (402) 553-1565) figured it out yesterday.

I also asked them to install the kitchen ceiling light. The wiring looked a little funky -- too funky for me to be fooling with.

Turns out that was the problem.

New kitchen light after wiring repair

For some reason, the kitchen light wiring had been wired into the lights that kept setting off the breaker.

The technical description: "Circuit backfed to existing circuit with switch leg."

So when friends who didn't know a kitchen light hadn't been installed flipped the switch while touring the house, it tripped the breaker for the other lights.

David's fixed it and put up the kitchen light in less than an hour. Only $77. A steal, in my opinion.

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