Friday, February 15, 2008

Floor progress

The guys from Rains Wood Floors sanded the original yellow pine floors in the whole house in three days. They generated six garbage bags of sawdust.

Thursday, they started applying polyurethane to the floor. They will apply three coats, with a day of drying in between.

That means the floors will be done by Sunday morning, taking only six days instead of the original estimate of 10. Yay!

Do you think they don't want me in there?

View through the front door window

Just peeking in the windows, the floors look great. Not that these pictures, taken through the windows, reflect that very well.

View from the back door window

This is the kitchen. The door (which still needs a coat of paint) goes to the basement. The fridge will be in that nook left of the door.

Ideally, you should do all your painting before the floors are refinished. But I wanted to make sure the floors were done in time for the house to be cleaned and appliances delivered before the Restore Omaha tour March 2.

I staged my painting schedule so that the areas left to be done have a small amount of floor to be covered during painting: Doors and a few closets. I'll just have to be careful for a change.

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