Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kitchen glory

Ooooooooh! Look at the kitchen!!

Stainless steel appliances!!!

Man, this has come together well.

Maple cabinets with a cherry stain, which I selected to contrast against the refinished yellow pine floors.

Sage green tile backsplash, impressively installed by Blair the contractor. (You should see his work where the tile goes around a jog in the wall. Amazing.)

Copper faucet and cabinet hardware to match two old bin pulls (yet to be installed on drawers) that I found on a random drawer in the basement.

And to think I had doubted these choices ... (Refer to green-tile freakout and anguish over appliances.)


Anonymous said...

Karyn, you have done an amazing job. I would live there. Now, just the little problem about how to move the house to Rhode Island...

The stainless really works. Just out of curiosity, have you sensed any 'presence' during your work?


littleitalygem said...

I have not, but I am probably not in tune to that sort of thing.

I feared some sort of apparition when I uncovered the dirt floor under the coal room floor, but nothing. :)