Saturday, February 2, 2008

Last room sanding

I uncovered this incredible antique world map on a wall in the upstairs extra bedroom under a layer of paint.

OK, or maybe it's just plaster damage from old roof leaks.

I did consider at one point whether I could make more money finding a "vision" of the Virgin Mary among stained plaster. Slap that on YouTube and see how far you can take it, hmmm?

Dust from two hours of sanding

We seem to have saved the worst room for last, with oodles of alligatored paint and water damage. Fantabulous boyfriend Brit is earning his keep, spending two shifts in a gas mask in a fog of paint particles, sanding that room.

Who the hell will be looking at the walls anyway, considering this is the room's view ... I'd park my desk in front of this window if I were living here.

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