Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of those days

  • The woman I hired to clean the house through Craig's List did not show. This was after rescheduling once due to her car problems and suffering through 10 e-mails and phone calls -- after she came out to give an estimate. She sent a text message an hour and a half after her appointment saying she was at the hospital with her mother. So I will start my day today by cleaning.
  • I tipped over a vase of flowers during lunch then tripped over the porch railings laying in my dining room while rushing to get a dish rag.
  • Lowe's called, wondering why my appliance delivery for Monday included a gas range and a cord for an electric range. (Answer: Because that's what the salesman said I needed.)
  • I noticed several splotches of oil paint on the newly refinished wood floors. Gasp! Where did they come from? I walked over to inspect them and then noticed more behind me. I spun in a circle like a dog chasing its tail.
Like that moment of realization in the horror movie -- "the calls are coming from inside the house!" -- I realized I was creating the mess at that very moment.

Yep, I had paint on the heel of my shoe.

My dainty hoof had knocked the freshly painted stair riser.

This occurred, of course, in the middle of one of those - "I should finish the touchup in the front room, wait, my brush is in the kitchen, oh yeah, I moved the paint downstairs" - tromping all over the main floor with my painted shoe.

I took off my shoes, wiped up the paint and called it a day.

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