Friday, February 22, 2008

Other renovations

I am down to uninteresting, ticky-tack tasks now that I am nine days from being on the Restore Omaha historic home tour.

Small plaster patching. Fixing previous paint goofs. Trying to avoid screwing up the floors while I work.

So here are some other renovations to read about while I do tedious stuff:
  • The Omaha World-Herald profiled Prouty Place Dos, one of the commercial buildings on the Restore Omaha tour.
  • The World-Herald business section featured the law firm Kutak Rock's renovation of its historic building near the courthouse in downtown Omaha.

Anyone who has dug into an old home can relate to the Kutak story, as workers uncovered surprises hidden by previous renovations and years of grime. For instance, as they scrubbed the exterior, they were surprised to find the pillars were actually white but had been darkened by decades of dirt.

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