Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Porch restoration

Sometime over the years, the original wood porch columns and railings were replaced with retro metalwork.

Two of the columns were sold at the family's estate sale. I nearly threw up when I saw them tucked in the old coal room with price tags on them, but what could I do? I hadn't even talked to the family about possibly buying the house yet.

My best guess is the missing third column suffered weather damage, leading to the scrollwork replacements.

I've decided to make it look original again by replacing the columns and railings.
I waited until recently to decide to see how my budget was doing and what my resale price might be. I think (hope?) I can get more for the house than I originally anticipated (cross your fingers), so I decided to go ahead.

Custom-made railings by Blair

Being a sucker for an old house, I figured I would feel guilty if I didn't do it. Every day I would drive past the house, I would kick myself.

That metalwork just isn't right. A first-time homebuyer, the likely purchaser, probably would never tackle that project. Blair the contractor was willing to do it for a reasonable price.

Purchased columns

Now I have to paint these things this week so Blair can install them this weekend.


I bought the paint-grade wood "round nontapered colonial," similar to the columns sold at the estate sale (at least I know what the originals looked like). They were $95 each. They came in eight foot lengths, then Blair cut them to fit. The cap and plinth are purchased separately for $31 a pair.

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