Monday, March 17, 2008

Advertising results

I did a new advertising attempt each day Wed-Sun before the open house and included the blog address in each one.

I then tracked blog hits from Nebraska computers using Google Analytics, a surprisingly simple process that provides detailed daily reports on site usage, to get a sense of what advertising worked.

Before this, daily blog visits ranged from 18-35 a day.

Wednesday: E-mail to about 100 co-workers in Omaha and Lincoln
80 visits, 78% newcomers, 4:10 average time on site

Thursday: E-mail to about 40 friends, neighbors and acquaintances, e-mail to about 180 people from a Young Professionals Summit I attended
242 visits, 87% newcomers, 1:36 average time on site

Friday: Ad in Home section of Omaha World-Herald and on newspaper web site,
73 visits, 72% newcomers, 2:45 average time on site

Saturday: Ad on Craig's List
76 visits, 77% newcomers, 3: 54 average time on site

Sunday: Ad in Sunday real estate section of Omaha World-Herald, open house
70 visits, 60% newcomers, 4:17 average time on site

Monday, post-open house
96 visits, 60% new visits, 3:58 average time on site

I had at least one person at the open house through each advertising method. Not bad for the minor expense: $60 on ads and $60 on fliers and signs.

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