Monday, March 10, 2008

Basement paint job

Sunday was another day of painting, this time alone.

I thought, pfft, it's just the floor in a wide open space, this'll go fast. HA HA HA

I was using Drylok, a waterproofing paint, to seal out occasional dampness.

This stuff is thick, reminding me of beaten egg whites.

Drylok at the soft peak stage

I marked off the areas with fresh concrete patches, which need to cure before being painted.

It looked like the crime scene from a midget massacre, little chalk outlines scattered about.

The floor ripples like Nebraska's rolling hillside. The concrete consistency varies from place to place.

Tony from Thrasher Basement inspected the place when I bought it and said that's normal for a 100-year-old basement. Homeowners poured concrete themselves one wheelbarrow at a time. I'm going to call it an "authentic rustic basement."

But the rough floor made painting a pain. The Drylok overwhelmed the paint roller, making it so swollen it became pointless.

I spent all afternoon on my hands and knees, painting about a third of the floor with a brush.

I actually have blisters on my hands from painting. My knees are pink from being pressed against the concrete floor.

And I have another coat before I'm done ... sigh ...

The weekend tally:
  • 170 pounds of concrete
  • 14 gallons of paint
  • 1 injured back (Brit -- who learned he is not capable of carrying two 60-pound bags of concrete on his shoulders)
  • 1 tired girl

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