Saturday, March 8, 2008

Better basement

The basement had a serious creep factor at the beginning.

The old coal room still stood, even though the old coal-fired furnace was long gone.

Underneath layers of junk, newspapers and boards, I discovered a four-foot wide hole in the cement floor inside the room.

One theory: the floor broke gradually over time from loads of coal being dumped in through a chute. Another theory: This is Satan's lair.

After coal room walls removed

I ripped out the homemade walls last summer to open up the space. Now I'm trying to do a simple cleanup of the place.

I haven't found any leaks, but the basement has been damp in a few spots, particularly after a rain. I am painting the walls and floor with Drylok waterproofing paint to seal out dampness before a coat of latex paint.

Today's painting made just a bit of a difference.

The top coat of latex was a mishmash -- I've been picking up cream, white and taupe paint at Under the Sink, the city's household hazardous waste facility, which gives away paint, wallpaper remover and other items that other people donate.

I swirled four gallons together for a nice cream color we decided to call French Vanilla.

Big thanks to Dad for coming down to help today!

With a hand from Dad and boyfriend Brit, we got the basement cleaned and the walls painted with Drylok and the finish coat today. We're exhausted, but we're another step ahead.

Tomorrow: The basement floor

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