Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Open house results

Sunday's open house was a raging success -- such a success I'm just finding time to write about it now.

I didn't keep track of the number of people who came through -- maybe 20 or 30 potential buyers, sometimes flanked with a pod of friend or relative advisers.

At least three couples called from the open house to summon parents to come look. Three generations of women came from one family -- grandmother, mother, daughter.

A friend who got my e-mail ad called his wife, who called her sister, who called her son and fiancee, who called her parents -- and the two families met for the first time at my flip.

Curious neighbors and former residents wanted a peek after seeing the newspaper ad.

A man who used to live up the street said his family referred to Grace University next door as the babysitters' castle because babysitters magically appeared from the stately brick building. I thought, that's funny, I've heard that before -- then I realized I used to work with his son, who told me the same story several years ago.

Several potential buyers had looked at downtown or Little Italy condos but were hesitant of them because of the limited square footage for the price. I targeted this crowd with an ad in the condo/townhome section of the Omaha World-Herald, saying "Restored 3bed 1bath house in Little Italy, way less than new townhome price."

Four potential buyers already have been back for second visits.

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