Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dormer painting

Saturday kicked off with pinching my thumb and index finger in an articulated ladder (one that is hinged to move into a variety of positions).

If you're familiar with these ladders, you know how I did it. If you aren't, the explanation is not worth your time.

And yes, that's my "painting" hand.

On the FHA's painting list is this dormer.

Not that it's a pain to get to or anything.

I set up shop from inside the house.


I removed the window (which will be reglazed anyway) and the storm windows. The window was too high for me to reach out while standing, so I sat on the sill to scrape and paint. I tried to move slowly and be cautious about keeping my weight centered inside the house.

I also imagined falling to my death, the media discovering my FHA rants online, creating a groundswell of criticism leading to Congressional hearings, where my mother -- who already, when she heard the list of required projects, immediately declared "that's bullshit" -- would testify and show death-scene photos of a little chalk outline around my body and my paint roller, and the paint splat where the roller hit the ground. Sadly, I survived, and legions of homeowners will continue to suffer through slap-dash repairs, crumbled deals and unnecessary last-minute stress.

I did what I could within arm's reach, then I used an extension pole, which screws into the handle of a paint roller.

I used electrical tape to attach a paint brush to the pole to get the trim.

Hell of a view up there.

That's downtown Omaha's skyscrapers in the distance. Both of them.

This is the finished dormer. I know, you can hardly tell in the picture. (sigh)

I was not insane enough to get on the roof to paint the dormer's sides, but I'm hoping my good-faith effort on everything else will weigh in my favor.

The difference is more obvious on the main floor siding in this photo. The left side has been scraped and primed. The center is untouched. The right has been scraped.

I ended up doing most of two sides of the house from the windows, which worked pretty slick. (The other ones I could reach while standing inside the window, not sitting on the sills.)

By the end of Saturday, all the scraping and priming was done.

Today should be the final coat. Whew.

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