Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday's FHA adventure

What better weather to wake up to on a day you really, really need to paint a house exterior.

I switched my focus to the windows.

The FHA is requiring all the windows to be reglazed, which means replacing the putty that holds the glass in place. Plus, I have to scrape and paint all the sill areas.
This is because the areas where the putty and paint are flaking are exposing wood and possibly spreading that evil lead paint.
The windows are double-hung sash windows, but they were rehabbed at some point.

On an older window, you have to pry off a few pieces of wood trim, pull out the sash, then carefully detach the sash rope and either tie it in a loop or knot it around an object like a large screw -- if you're not careful, the rope goes shoooooop and disappears into the window frame -- then you've created a big job for yourself.
On these, you press the sash to one side -- one of the metal tracks is flexible (I think they're called a "metal jamb liner") -- and you can shimmy out the sash without removing any wood trim. The elastic sash cord has a plastic cap on the end, which holds it in place on the sash and, when the sash is removed, keeps it from disappearing into the wall. Sweet.

Metal track on the left, flaking paint on the right
Plastic tab thing at the top is the cap for the elastic sash cord

It took 40 minutes to remove all the 18 sashes for the main floor windows.

Fortunately, I already know about P&M Hardware, an old-school hardware store on South 24th St. buried among blocks of Latino businesses.

They do window repair for cheap in the basement. Pull around to their garage door in the alley to unload.
They've replaced broken windows for me for about $10 a window. Seems like a bargain compared to doing it yourself.
After that, I got all the sills scraped and painted, put another coat on the front porch ceiling, one on the porch floor to cover my drips and kept painting random bare spots of wood on the outside.

More on reglazing:
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