Monday, April 28, 2008

Last round

The retaining wall on the north side of the house is still waiting to be replaced, a project under contract but delayed by spring rain.

The ground behind the wall is slumped and sliding because the wall was built with 1) undersized timber 2) with no supportive "dead men" in the bottom half.

Top view of retaining wall

(that's a sagging PVC pipe that's supposed to serve as a downspout)

The new wall will be made of concrete block and raise and level the dirt along the northside of the house.

I thought it'd make life a lot easier for when the homeowner wanted to paint.

Or, you know, I could do it now.

I spent Sunday morning balanced with one foot on the bowing wood wall and one on the soggy slumped earth while wrangling a paint roller on a 10-foot extension pole. I mean, how else would I spend my weekend?

I got the final coat of paint on the house and took the Shop-vac to the yard to vaccuum up the paint flakes.

The house looks better, but not dramatically so -- just freshened up. Whatever. It's done.

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