Friday, April 25, 2008

Porch painting

Thursday's work by the FHA-indentured servant:

No. 1: Scraped and repainted the porch




Blue is a traditional color for porch beadboard ceilings. I went with a pale shade so it should match anything the future homeowner should want to do.

Porch scrapings

FHA rule: No paint chips can be left on the ground. I've covered the area with a drop cloth when practical, but I will have to vacuum the ground!

Christ, who made up these rules? And what do I have to do to become a sovereign nation?

Also done:
  • Scraped and painted both back doors

  • Scraped three sides of house

  • Primed and painted front

  • Primed south side and half of east side
Well, better get started with today's list ...

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