Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anti-climactic move-in

The buyer moved in Thursday as a temporary renter until the house sale closes.

Every day the sale is delayed, she has to pay an extra interest charge, raising her closing costs.

The buyer offered to help with the FHA-required work, but the weekend when I did most of the work, the appraisal wasn't done so we didn't know if her loan amount would be approved to buy the house.

I didn't feel right putting her to work if she wouldn't get the house.

So I asked her to help by leaving the cleaning to her once she moved in.

I feel bad that the house is incomplete. Of course, I pictured this, church-choir "Ahhhhhh!" moment, presenting her charming, sparkling-clean new house to her.

Instead, she spent her first night on a horrendously windy, potentially snowy night with only half the windows in the house. (The church choir stood mute.)

I had taken the 20 main-floor windows to P&M Hardware a week ago while I painted.

Of course, the reglazer had to tell me how his sister used to work for the FHA and this shouldn't be part of the inspection, yada yada yada. Fighting them isn't going to close the house faster.

Total bill: $140. Worth every penny.

I finished reglazing the upstairs windows myself for speed's sake. Needless to say, my putty is not as smooth as the old man's at P&M.

DAP has an awesome new product that makes it easier-- window glazing compound in a tube like caulk. You used to have to take a wad of compound and roll it into a skinny cylinder shape. Now it just comes right out of the tube. Find it in the caulk area in the paint department at Menard's.

I reinstalled batches of windows Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with a helping hand from the buyer's dad. (Small windows you can usually do alone, but big ones are a little awkward.)

I did a little more paint touchup, and we were ready for re-inspection.

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