Monday, May 5, 2008

Disorganized people are exhausting

The title company handling the sale called Monday to have me come sign the paperwork.

She just learned the loan was closing Tuesday.

I said, that's funny, because we were supposed to close last week.

She still had the original date of May 15, which changed within a week of the purchase agreement.

The loan officer for the buyer was supposed to take care of these things but did not. And he works in the same office as the title company! Sigh.

My suggestion:

Don't rely on others to communicate key information.

Assume everyone else will screw up.

In each of my three real-estate transactions, some glitch came up because of poor communication.

Advocate for yourself. Nag.

I was better this time around but missed some opportunities. I had left a message for the title company several weeks ago but shrugged it off when my call wasn't returned.

In your flip notebook (you are carrying one with you, right?), keep a list of each person you talk to, what they say and the date of the conversation or message. Hold them accountable for what they say.

Hell, you should do this all the time if you ever want stuff done. The world is filled with irresponsible boobs.

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