Sunday, May 4, 2008


The loan officer for the buyer must set up the FHA appraisal/inspection, and the inspector needed to look over the work to verify it was done. The loan officer said he'd set it up for Monday.

I knew the inspector's schedule had been busy, and I had her e-mail address. I decided to drop her a line to tell her we'd be ready by 5 p.m. Saturday in case that helped her out and sped up the closing.

She was there at 5:15.

The buyer and her parents had walked to a neighborhood church for the evening service. I had finished the windows and had been cleaning paint goobers off the wood floors.

The inspector absolutely raved about the work.

I had been rushed, so I wasn't exactly pleased with my work, even though it got the job done.

"Gorgeous," she gushed, looking at a mundane window jamb.

The inspector signed off on everything.

No money would have to be put in escrow for repairs.


Then she surprised me.

She said I'd been the best thing about her last two weeks. Wha...?

"You have character and integrity. You don't find that very often."

Her eyes welled up. She thanked me and said she hoped to run into me again.

The church choir finally sang.

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