Monday, May 19, 2008

Noon Day 1

It's noon on Day 1 of the retaining wall project.

The early-morning backhoe was the fun part.

Now they are painstakingly scraping the dirt away from the foundation.

They've created a trench for the concrete blocks to sit in and are starting to fill it with gravel (for draining I presume).

This looks worth every penny I'm paying.

They've got two Bobcats, a backhoe, dump trucks taking out scrap and bringing in gravel ... with the rumble of heavy equipment around, it's like having my own Ax Men crew.

Uh, you don't watch Ax Men?


Jen said...

How long have you been buying homes and refurbishing them? Your work looks good.

littleitalygem said...

Thanks! I've done work on my own old house, but this was my first "flip."