Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wall up close

The concrete block for the retaining wall comes from an Omaha company, Watkins, which has a showroom with helpful staff and lists of contractors.

We're using the Vertica Pro straight edge, which is designed for big walls.

Each one of these suckers is a foot square and weighs 115 pounds.

I chose the standard gray because I thought it fit best in the neighborhood, where most retaining walls are old concrete or stacked limestone. Brown tones looked too suburban.

The bottom layer is sand for drainage. The black netting is geogrid, which helps stabilize the soil.

This underground drainage pipe leads out the rear of the wall, where a concrete flume drains to the alley. The downspouts on this side of the house also will drain underground.

Let's not lose sight of the goal here with all these details ...

This is how it's looking for passersby.

Dying to know more? See Watkins' instruction sheet on how to build a wall with Vertica Pro blocks.

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